10 Spider-Guy Units Has However By no means Makes use of Anymore

Since his first appearance back in 1962, Spider-Man has become one of Marvel Comics’ most popular heroes. With his cool superpowers, wise guy persona, and determination to do the right thing, Spider-Man has become a staple in pop culture. However, Peter Parker doesn’t just use his powers to solve every situation. Using his genius intellect, he can find simple solutions to save lives and take down his many foes.

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One way Sider-Man accomplishes this is through his many inventions over the years. While some tools, such as his web shooters, have become synonymous with the character, there are a few that have managed to fall to the wayside. From being used sparingly to gimmicks solving one particular issue, there are a few products of Parker that will continue to collect dust for a while.

10 The Spider Signal Stopped Shining

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #3 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the Spider Signal was one of Parker’s first gadgets used in his crime-fighting career. This device was part of his utility belt, which shined a bright red light reflecting his face on whoever came across it. While readers could detect that the signal shared a similar approach to a certain hero in Gotham City, they do have a difference.

While Batman has the Bat Signal to alert him of a crime, Spider-man uses his to alert criminals of his arrival. However, over time, the Signal began to be used on and off again, depending on the creative teams of the series. Though the light may have been diminished, it still remains a fan favorite for long-time readers.

9 Many Alternate Suits, But Only One Use

Not every situation can be handled the same, and no one knows that better than Spider-Man. With each new foe with an unforeseen power comes the need for scientific invention. And there have been none as awesome (or as silly) as Peter’s need to don a new wardrobe to fight particular threats.

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From wearing an Electro-proof suit to stop Electro, to wearing a full suit made of steel, Peter has worn them all. Sadly though, after each villain encounter, these clothes tend to either be destroyed or retired. Though fans enjoy a return of some fan favorites, there is no doubt that the red and blue is still the most beloved.

8 Impact Webbing: Webs By Another Spider

It’s no surprise that Spider-Man has used his intelligence to create different types of webbing for different uses. However, unlike most tools, this one has a different owner. Impact webbing was made popular in part to Ben Reilly, or as some would come to know him, the Scarlet Spider.

Impact Webbing dealt with normal web fluid, now shaped into little spheres that could be launched at rapid speed, growing around an opponent when in contact. This form of webbing was used mostly during Reilly’s run as Spider-Man, going with him after he left. Though not used as much by Peter, it still shows up from time to time, including in the PS4 video game.

7 WebWare Was Cool, But Had To Be Destroyed

During Peters’ time as CEO of Parker Industries, his company would create Web Ware, a device similar to current-day smartwatches. The users could access the internet and call from their wrists simply by pressing the pad. For, Peter, the device served another function.

Connected to his Spider Armor, the devices gave Spider-Man unlimited access to all users and to track their locations. At first, Web Ware proved popular and resourceful in stopping crimes. Unfortunately, Peter would be forced to hack and destroy each one after they were infected by the Carrion Virus, ending his company.

6 The Spider Tracer Tracker Was Useful, But Irrelevant Later On

Spider Tracers have been one of Peter’s long-lasting inventions, useful for tracking criminals who get away. However, sometimes in order to find these bugs, there needs to be a tracer for the tracer. Introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #11 by Lee and Ditko, Peter sought to use the device in order to track down a now freed Doctor Octopus.

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Spider-Man would go back to using the device a few more times in other situations. However, by advancing his technology to respond with his own Spider-Sense, the tracer seemed redundant at best. The tracker has since been used sparingly, such as Peter losing his Spider Sense or tracking his former sidekick, Alpha.

5 Waldoes/Tentacles Reminded Peter Of His Past Misfortunes

During Civil War, by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, Iron Man blessed Peter with a gift: a mechanized Spider-Man suit filled with many gizmos and cool features. However, one standout was the Waldoes, four mechanical arms that increased mobility and offensive attacks. While the suit was a cool addition, Peter abandoned it when he betrayed Tony during the series.

However, a new incarnation would arise thanks to Otto Octavius ​​during his possession over Peter’s body in Superior Spider-Man, by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman. Unlike before, the arms resembled pincers, and allowed for better, faster attacks. These too would be abandoned once Peter regained control of his body.

4 The Arachnaughts Were Overkill

Established during Superior Spider-Man, Octavius’s takeover of Peter’s body would bring Otto’s own expertise to the Spider name. One such creation would be the Spiderlings, armed mercenaries who would serve as his enforcers around New York City. And on patrol, they would bring heavy artillery into the form of the Arachnaughts.

With these giant spider-like robots, Otto was able to bring militia style combat to the field, each robot equipped with huge lasers and video surveillance. However, just like Otto’s career as a hero, all the Arachnaughts were destroyed once Peter regained consciousness of his body, blowing up Otto’s base. And due to the damage Octavius ​​caused (as well as poor funds), Peter has never sought to revive them.

3 The Belt Camera, Useful For Photographers Only

After getting picked up by J Jonah Jameson for The Daily Bugle, Peter would attach a micro camera to his utility belt. With this, he managed to obtain photos of his battles as Spider-Man and later submit them as Peter to the Bugle.

At first, this device was one of Peter’s mainstays, serving as a tool for both of Peter’s professions. However, once Peter left the company, it served him no purpose to keep the camera. Even so, with that old Parker luck usually forcing him to go back to the Bugle, the camera may not stay as dormant.

2 The Web Wings Were A Design Choice

Appearing back in Amazing Fantasy #15 by Lee and Ditko, One of the features that Steve Ditko drew on the character was webbing under his armpits. This unique feature originally served as a way to convince readers that Peter could fly, using them to glide down. While an interesting choice, this feature would be later implemented with another hero, Spider-Woman.

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Even so, the webbing has since become a choice between writers and artists on whether to use it. Some prefer the classic design, while others feel they get in the way. Although used in later Spider-Man films, the webbing still remains a debatable option.

1 The Spider Mobile Never Caught On

In 1974, Spider-Man had to face his greatest foe in all history: car promoters. Appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #126 by Gerry Conway and John Romita Sr, Corona Motors begged for Spider-Man to promote their non-polluting engine, which required a car. Although he thought it ridiculous due to never needing a car in the city, Spider-Man would later rope the Human Torch into helping him construct a car aptly themed around the webhead.

Spider-Man and his vehicle would go on a few strange adventures, from battling Hammerhead to the Tinkerer after he gave the car an evil makeover. However, the vehicle was scrapped due to the concept still coming across as ridiculous. The car has since served as an Easter egg among fans, who look upon and go, ‘Oh yeah, that was a thing.’

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