8-month-old lady dies as cell explodes: 12 The explanation why smartphones catch fireplace

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8-month-old girl dies as mobile explodes: 12 Reasons why smartphones catch fire


An eight-month-old baby in Bareilly died after the battery of a mobile phone kept next to her on charging mode exploded. The toddler was taken to a hospital, where she died during treatment. In another incident earlier this year, a passenger’s smartphone caught fire mid-air in an Indigo flight causing panic. In the past few years, there have been cases where people have lost their lives or suffered burn injuries due to a sudden explosion or fire in a mobile’s battery. Here are some of the common reasons why smartphones’ batteries explode and catch fire.


​Know the warning signs

The first and the most obvious is a bulging or swollen battery. In the Bareilly incident too, the mobile’s battery was swollen. If the battery swells up, junk the phone immediately. A phone with a bloated battery can be dangerous to use. Always look for any changes in your device’s shape, including a protruding screen or an uneven back.

Using a phone that is damaged


​Using a phone that is damaged

Never use a phone that is damaged or broken from somewhere. A cracked display or body frame may let water or sweat seep in the device or the battery and damage the internal components leading to a chemical reaction. The damage can also lead to short-circuit, overheating and other reasons that can cause the smartphone to explode or catch fire.

Using fake or duplicate chargers


​Using fake or duplicate chargers

Be very careful of chargers you use. Always stick to the ones that come with your smartphones or go for company-certified chargers only. Never try to save money by buying cheap or duplicate chargers. Also, using chargers of higher power rating may stress the battery of your phone.

Using third-party adapter or mix-matching cables and adapters


​Using third-party adapter, or mix-matching cables and adapters

It is always recommended to charge your smartphone with the original cable and adapter. Using a charger of any other brand may damage the battery of your smartphone. Third-party charging cables and adapters can overheat the device and lead to short circuits in the battery. Also make sure to never mix and match cables and power bricks, as different units have different wattage levels

Using damaged cablescords


​Using damaged cables/cords

Take care of your cables. If the wire of your current charger is fraying or seems to have melted, it’s time to get a new cable. Damaged wires can not only lead to charging issues but are also a fire hazard. Try not to wrap wires too tightly. Also, always remember to unplug the charger from the plug instead of just pulling out the cord.

Using third-party or fake batteries


​Using third-party or fake batteries

This too is a big no. Never use third-party or fake batteries. Using such batteries can pose serious safety issues. A poorly made lithium-ion battery can overheat, catch fire and explode.

Using car charging adapters to charge your phone


​Using car charging adapters to charge your phone

Using a power bank to charge your phone while driving is safer compared to using the car charging adapters. This is because, in India, most car owners get accessories installed from third party vendors and the quality of the wiring is not always certain and can be trusted. It may lead to a sudden surge of power that may cause your phone to explode.

Too much overcharging your phone


​Too much overcharging your phone

It is not always necessary to charge your phone till 100%. It’s a good habit to stop charging the battery after 90% as this extends the lifespan of the battery. Not to forget overcharging your phone may cause the battery to expand and it becomes risky. Remember that this is debatable and there is no clear study on this, but there are chances that overnight charging may affect your phone’s battery. Overcharging does not usually damage the smartphone’s battery in a month or year. The damage, if caused, is usually caused after a long period of overnight charging.

Leaving smartphone in extreme temperatures for long duration


​Leaving smartphone in extreme temperatures for long duration

Smartphone batteries are optimized to work in a certain temperature range. Regularly exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures can cause long-term damage to the battery. A smartphone can overheat when left in direct sunlight or a closed car for a long duration. Make sure your phone is not subject to unnecessary heat when it is charging. So, keep it away from direct sunlight or other heat sources, particularly when it is charging. While heat is the worst enemy of your phone’s battery, too much cold temperature too may hurt it. Your phone’s battery is optimized to work within a certain temperature range — between 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Charging your phone by plugging it on a power strip or extension cord


​Charging your phone by plugging it on a power strip or extension cord

Using a power strip or extension cord increases the risk of short circuits. Avoid charging your phone using these.

Getting your phone repaired at local repair shops


​Getting your phone repaired at local repair shops

Another big no is getting your phone repaired at local repair shops. Only go to authorized company service centers. Local shops may not have the right kind of tools and knowhow to repair a particular device and may mess with the circuit.

Overloading the phones chipset


​Overloading the phone’s chipset

Extreme usage with gaming and multi-tasking can cause the smartphone to heat up quickly. The main reason for the heat is the processor. To keep the devices safe, manufacturers add numerous cooling mechanisms for safety. However, it is still advisable to give your smartphone rest for a few minutes if you feel it is getting too hot.

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