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If you have games attached to the launcher you will be pleased to know that Bethesda has today announced the release of a new migration tool allowing you to move all your games to the Valve’s Steam Network. Bethesda has now enabled the functionality to transfer any games owned on a account to a Steam account using the new Transfer Tool.

To transfer your games from the launcher jump over to the official website to use the migration tool by following the link below.

Q: How will I play my games?
A: We encourage our Launcher community to continue their experience on Steam. April 27, you will be able to migrate your library to your Steam account. Any title you own on the Launcher will be available to you free on Steam. Your purchases will carry over to your Steam account. Many game saves will also transfer, however some may require manual copying. For more information on which games will require you to manually move your saves, please see our FAQ Entry “What happens to my game progression and saves?”.

Q: Will I have access to the games I own on the launcher available to me on Steam?
A: Yes. You will need to take the steps to transfer your account info to your Steam account. Once the migration process to Steam is available, we will let everyone know and update this FAQ with the link on where and how to migrate. Please note, that you may begin this process at any time after it becomes available, but inon May 11 you will no longer be able to play your purchased games on the launcher. You will not lose access to your Library on on May 11, only the ability to play them on the Launcher.

Q: What happens to my game progress and saves?
A: Should you choose to transfer your library to your Steam account, you may find specific instructions on how to transfer your game progression and saves here. Some saves will automatically transfer, however some will require you to manually copy them to your Steam folder. At this time, we expect almost all save progress to be transferable automatically or manually with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which currently is unable to transfer and DOOM Eternal which requires additional steps to transfer. You may find updated instructions specifically for DOOM Eternal. Virtual currency balances and game add-ons such as DLC and in-game skins will automatically transfer.

To answer more of your questions jump over to the Tech Power Up website via the link below.

Source: Bethesda: TPU

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