Era skilled Trevor Lengthy displays off the latest kitchen units from IFA in Berlin

Get set to change, forever, how you think of home appliances and how bland they can be.

At IFA in Berlin, Europe’s biggest trade show, there’s been a host of new appliance news and the highlights appear to be the big changes in how your fridge might look in the kitchen.

Samsung call it ‘Bespoke’ and LG are calling it ‘MoodUp’ – and both are taking a very colorful approach to the biggest appliance in our kitchens.

The average kitchen renovation will cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, so why should the fridge just be a big white, silver or black box in the corner?

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Samsung ‘Bespoke’ let’s you choose the color of your fridge and freezer appliances. (Samsung)

With a ‘Bespoke’ appliance, you get to choose the color of your fridge and freezer appliances so they follow your kitchen design.

Jeremy Senior from Samsung Australia tells 9Honey the pandemic played a role in how we view our home design.

“Over the last couple of years, Australians have spent more time at home than ever before, and they’re looking for products that will make their home, their sanctuary,” Senior says.

This move to a more “lifestyle”-based approach follows the success of a range of lifestyle TV products Samsung has launched in Australia.

“We’ve seen Australians really adapt to some of our lifestyle products. So if you look at some of our TV lineup, our lifestyle TV, the frame, Australians are blocking to those products,” Senior says.

“We think ‘Bespoke’ is going to be just the same. Australians love to create their own personal design and what better product to do it than the bespoke refrigerator.”

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The personalization allows you to choose colored panels for the doors of the appliance, and they can be multiple colors or a single set of the same color.

Jeremy Senior explains: “if you look at the refrigerator as probably the biggest appliance in your home, and it certainly is a statement piece with inside any kitchen with bespoke refrigerator, you don’t have to own your home to put in a really colorful personality statement.

“‘Bespoke’ gives you that opportunity to tailor your personality and bring it to life.”

light up fridges on show at IFA in Berlin
LG ‘MoodUp’ allows you to use an app to customize the colors of the fridge doors. (LG)

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LG’s approach is even more high-tech. Even though there’s no word yet from LG Australia as to whether or not their range will be available in here, it’s certainly exciting to see this kind of innovation in the design of the latest fridges.

Using LED lights inside the door panels, an LG ‘MoodUP’ fridge allows you to use an app to customize the colors of the doors – choosing from 22 colors for the top doors and strangely only 19 for the bottom doors. You can save themes and “moods” in the app allowing you to customize as often as you like.

While LG and Samsung are the two brands we all know well in Australia and Samsung has confirmed their ‘Bespoke’ range is coming Down Under, this trend is not limited to just those brands.

Walking the 27 convention center halls here in Berlin we saw plenty of colorful appliances, even one brand “Candy” selling fridges, which have magnetic panels you can place on the doors to change colors and add creative designs on your fridge.

So, keep an eye out for some colorful options next time you’re in the market for a new fridge.

Trevor Long traveled to IFA Berlin with assistance from Samsung Australia.

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