French fries cutter is a important system in your kitchen

There are a few simple tricks to making the perfect French fry. Pick the proper potatoes, clean and slice them properly to be able to cook uniformly. But if you have prepared French fries for a large number of people, then you know how tiring and time consuming it can be to slice the potatoes using a knife.

That is why this kitchen gadget will be very handy. Because with a French fry cutter, the only task you will have, is frying. French fry cutters consist of stainless steel grids that force potatoes through to form the shapes.

You can use it to cut other foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables. There are many types and brands on the market but most of those meant for home kitchens are manual cutters. A good quality cutter should have sharp blades to cut through potatoes fast enough, easy to use and made out of durable materials.

The French fry cutter does not occupy too much space in your kitchen, saving you enough room to place your ingredients and other utensils. Most potatoes will fit into the French fry cutter perfectly. The small volume of the French fry cutter is easy to clean and store, taking up little room in your storage compartment.

How to use it
Cutting chips with a cutter is very simple. The cutter, is basically made up of a pushing handle, the pushing plate, and a cutting blade.

First, assemble all the detached parts onto the French fry cutter, which is the handle and cutting blades.
The handle, is attached onto the cutter by screws, nuts and bolts, provided. If your cutter has all parts attached then ignore this step.

To dice, a potato, is placed in a compartment in-between the pushing tray and cutting blade. The handle, which is linked to the pushing plate is what guides the cutting process, by pushing potato into the cutting blades.

Most french-fry cutters, have interchangeable cutting blades, of different sizes, which gives you the opportunity to cut your fries into any size of your choice.

After setting up the cutter, place it on a clean flat surface. Peel your Irish potatoes, make sure you leave them whole, the cutter will dice one potato at a time. Then, using the handle, pull pushing tray away from the cutting blades, until the compartment between the two, is fully open. Put in the potato, and, with a bit of force, push down or pull back the handle. This will push the potato into the cutting blades, dicing it into long uniform pieces of chips. Note, the direction in which the handle moves, varies with the different types of cutters. Also make sure to put a chopping board besides the cutter, so that when you cut, the fries fall onto the chopping board instead of a bare counter.

Where to buy French fry cutters
The body of a quality French-fry cutter is either made of stainless steel or cast iron, these are durable, and do not rust. You can buy a French-fry cutter in Capital shoppers in Nakawa, Carrefour in Lugogo. Standard – Mega Supermarket. You can also go down town in Kikubo or at Supreme Complex along Ben Kiwanuka Street. Prices will range from Shs30,000 to Shs 603,244 depending on the make and brand.

Cleaning the French-fry cutter
It is important that you keep your French fry cutter clean to prevent it from transferring germs to your food. Always wash it with soap and water every after use. Wash the cutting blade with a lot of caution, the blades are usually very sharp, and can easily cut you. If the cutting blade on your cutter is removable, remove it, and wash it separately, but carefully.

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