Guy Invents Fun Units For Ladies To Protect Themselves.


By Pragya Dubey |

Women’s safety is, well we know how bad the situation is in our country. The recent data released by NCRB showed how the rate of crimes against women has risen in the last year and honestly, it is an alarming piece of data. However, there are some noteworthy initiatives taken by people in our country who come up with out-of-the-box ideas to equip women with gadgets to defend themselves. And such initiatives should be appreciated. Talking about this, a man named Shyam Chaurasia from Uttar Pradesh is currently making headlines for making women’s safety devices and well, they are not some boring gadgets. In fact, it is a list of accessories that women love. It’s surprisingly sad that we feel the need for such things.

Shyam Chaurasia who is a resident of Uttar Pradesh has come up with a safety kit for women. This kit is not an ordinary toolbox, instead, it’s all things women love. The kit has a purse, earrings, and sandals. The workings of these gadgets are even more worth taking note of. The heels have been termed as “Smart anti-rape sandals”, and their Bluetooth connectivity will help a woman alert the cops and near ones when she is in any kind of danger. Another brilliant creation is a gun purse, which will make the sound of firing shots to scare the person. The design of the purse is very similar to a woman’s hand purse. There’s a GPS earring too, that will help locate a woman, and also has the feature of calling.

The initiative is definitely appreciated. However, it is also sad to know that these gadgets are making us happy and we find them intriguing too. Why cannot women deserve a world free from all the violence against them? We still wait for such a world and have no clue how long will this wait be.

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