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Lawn units put to the check for autumn’s hardest jobs

Autumn is just around the corner.

And for gardeners, that means a lot of pruning, chopping and sawing.

But all this hard-core tidying up doesn’t have to mean turning to noisy, unreliable petrol machines. Batteries are now powerful enough to take on the toughest tasks. Derek Uchman takes a look.

The Karcher TLO 18 Tree Lopper is very safe to use despite its fearsome looks.

Karcher TLO 18 Tree Lopper

£169.99 (without battery)

This is one of the most fearsome gadgets we’ve ever seen. But it’s also one of the most useful.

It’s mainly two very sharp bypass pruning blades that open and close with the squeeze of a trigger.

Despite its looks, it’s very safe to use, and accidents are unlikely.

In terms of performance, this effortlessly sliced ​​through every branch we tried it on – without exception.

Furthermore, one charge will last 240 cuts.

The EGO 40cm chainsaw kit has an astonishing amount of power.

EGO 40cm chainsaw kit

£449 (with battery)

When it comes to chainsaws, many gardeners are skeptical that battery power can make the grade.

Well, they need to try this brute.

It has an astonishing amount of power behind it, thanks, to a 5.0Ah battery, a 40cm chair bar and a brushless motor.

And if further proof is needed, check my garden.

I demolished 16 nine-foot leylandiis using this alone.

An added bonus is the fast charger.

By the time I’d made a run to the recycling center with a car full of branches, it was good to go again.

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ 40cm Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower is light and gets right to the edges.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ 40cm Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower

£345.99 (without battery)

Battery mowers are nothing new, but one as well designed as this is.

Ryobi has put together a mower which not only cuts well but is light and collapses well, so it doesn’t take over your shed.

There are ports for two batteries, should you have a large garden, and it does an amazing job at getting right up to the edges.

There’s also an option to mulch your grass (which is helpful in dry conditions).

The Gtech Leaf Blower doesn’t just look good, it’s seriously powerful as well.

Gtech Leaf Blower

£379.99 (without battery)

When it comes to buying a garden gadget, you want to know how well it performs, not how it looks.

But we must mention this blower’s design.

From the side, this looks like something Luke Skywalker would pilot.

Thankfully, it’s not all form over function, and produces a serious blast of focused air.

In fact, it’s so powerful, it’ll take a bit of practice to get used to.

But persist, it’s a joy to use. The price point is quite high, though, so think of this as an investment.

The Bosch Advanced GrassCut 36V-33 is a match for even overgrown areas.

Bosch Advanced GrassCut 36V-33

£349.99 (with battery)

This is another perfect illustration that petrol engines have met their match.

Bosch’s strimmer is powered by a 36V battery, which makes it powerful enough to tackle overgrown and difficult areas.

You can even fit a brush cutter. And, it’s clever enough to only draw only enough energy from the battery as needed, so it doesn’t go crazy on short grass.

One gripe is it doesn’t seem adjustable, so its a problem should you be quite tall (unless you have gibbon-like arms). Otherwise, a great machine.

Dealing with leaves is just one of the jobs that need to be done later in the year.

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[Garden gadgets put to the test for autumn’s toughest jobs]


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