Logitech Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones

Logitech has added new products to its range of computer accessories as its new Zone Vibe headphones and Brio 500 webcams Created for users looking for enterprise-grade audio and video quality says Logitech. The Brio 500 and Brio 505 web cameras offer a new class of webcams that solve the most common video conferencing challenges.

The Brio 500 webcam series are equipped with a new feature called Show Mode, Added to make it easier to share sketches or other physical objects that maybe on your work surface or office desk. The design of the web camera allows you to tilt the camera downwards to focus on objects that maybe on your desk and using the built-in sensor the camera will automatically flip the image to render it in its correct orientation in your video call.

“A recent study showed more than 89% of work-from-home adults struggle with unflattering camera angles, poor lighting conditions, and field-of-view limitations when using a built-in laptop camera. Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones address the challenges users face when working from home, while modernizing work and play experiences. Both make it easier for IT managers to equip their organizations’ remote and hybrid workforces in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Logitech Brio 500 webcams

The Brio 500 webcam series and Zone Vibe 100 and 125 headphones will be available to purchase later this month directly from the Logitech online store and worldwide via partners and resellers priced at $129.99. The Zone Vibe Wireless headset will be available in December and is priced at $99.99.

“Many remote and hybrid workers are still underequipped and grappling with pre-pandemic era solutions,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration. “Our innovative new genre of Brio webcams and Zone Vibe headphones answer the call of modern workers who need business-grade quality, style, and affordability for work and play. Transformational features like Brio’s Show Mode open up new sharing opportunities for teachers, designers, and architects to easily present physical objects, notes, and sketches remotely over video.”

“Brio 500 series and Zone Vibe headphones are certified carbon neutral, which means the carbon impact of the products has been reduced to zero due to Logitech’s investment in carbon-offsetting and removal projects. The plastic parts in Brio 500 include certified post-consumer recycled plastic: 68% for graphite and black and 54% for off-white and rose. Zone Vibe is made with a minimum of 25% recycled plastic.”

Source: Logitech

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