Make your health sport higher with those 7 devices, it’s going to be really helpful


In today’s time everyone is trying to keep himself fit. Everyone is keeping themselves fit keeping in mind the fitness for better health. If fitness is a big resolution on your list this year, then we are giving you some tips that will prove to be very effective for your better health. You still have time to relive those fitness goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Apart from your gym sessions, yoga classes and nutritional cooking sessions, fitness gadgets can help you on your journey to keep you healthy and happy in 2022. These are not only highly functional but also incredibly easy to add to your routine. Let’s take a look.

fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are a great way to keep yourself motivated (and get tons of reminders) to stay on your healthy lifestyle journey. They help you track everything from the calories you’ve consumed, the number of steps you’ve taken, understand your sleeping patterns, and workout routines that help you on your journey. You can use the combined data to determine what you eat, sleep, and exercise better. You can also consider investing in a gadget like Apple Watch which not only tracks your fitness routine but also helps you access your phone data. Its price starts from Rs 1,499.

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smart jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts for fitness. Jumping rope can not only keep you healthy, but it has many benefits simultaneously. You can also connect it to your existing fitness apps and use the data to analyze your daily workout routine. Its cost starts from Rs 1,500.

Metabolism Tacker

Metabolism Tracker is a great tool to understand whether your body is currently using carbs or fat for fuel. You just need to breathe through it, hold your breath for 10 seconds and then exhale back. The tracker also provides nutritional recommendations as per the requirement of your body.
Its cost starts from Rs 19,000.

Smart Weight Measuring Machine

It’s time to get rid of the old fashioned weighing scale and invest in a smart scale that goes a long way. You take steps to measure not only your weight, but also other parameters like your body fat, body mass index (BMI), body water, visceral fat, metabolic age and more. These important insights will help you set more attractive goals for your fitness journey. Its price starts from Rs.3,500.

adjustable dumbbell set

If you are short of space at home then these adjustable dumbbells are the best investment. The multiweight setting gives you the option to have 15 different weights to choose from depending on your workout routine. The weight varies from 2.5 kg to 24 kg. You can also access 100+ workout videos on their official channel (you get access after purchase). Its price starts from Rs 15,990.

foam rollers

Working out too often can make your body ache and you may skip exercising the next day. That’s where foam rollers come in. Specifically designed for pain points like your back, neck and spine, rollers help relieve your tired, sore muscles and, in turn, aid in your performance and flexibility. You can adjust the vibration setting according to your comfort level. Its price starts from Rs 14,000.

smart water bottle

We know staying hydrated is the key to good health, but it’s easy to lose track and miss out on your daily dose of H2O. Smart Bottle reminds you to drink water. Additionally, it also connects to your phone via Bluetooth to help you track your daily goals. Its cost starts from 10 thousand rupees.

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