Methods to organize and delete contacts on iPhone

If you are wondering how are you can manage contacts on your Apple iPhone or throughout your Apple account, this quick guide will show you how to delete contacts on iPhone as well as manage access to your contacts on all your Apple devices. Apple has made it very easy to change what is displayed in the Contacts app when viewing your network as well as when removing unwanted contacts and more.

How to delete contacts on iPhone

It is worth remembering that when you delete a contact, it permanently delete it from your device, this also applies if you delete a contact from your email account this will also permanently delete the contact from all the order of the devices signed into your Apple ID and email account.

1. To delete a contact from your iPhone simply open the Contacts app and search for the contact you would like to remove.

2. Tap the Edit button and then scroll down and select Delete Contact.

3. Apple will ask you to confirm your request to delete the contacts from your iPhone simply confirm your choice make me action permanent.

Display your contacts in different ways

Apple also provides different ways for you to sort and display your contacts, such as alphabetically or by last name or first depending on your preference.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone

2. Select the Contacts section within Settings and choose from the following to display your contacts as you wish.

– Short Name: using this you can choose how your contact’s name appears in applications such as email, messages and phone.

– Display Order: as the name suggests this will show contact’s first name before or after last name is depending on your preference once again.

– Sort Order: allows you to sort your contacts alphabetically by first or last name

Choosing the default contacts account

If you have multiple accounts for email on your iPhone Apple allows you to choose the default account, you would like to add new contacts to. This is completed by going to the Settings > Contacts section on your iPhone and choosing Default Account from the list of accounts you currently have available on your iPhone.

Disable contacts for an account

As well as being able to choose the default contacts account, you can also disable and turn off contacts on certain accounts simply go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts and select the account you would like to disable. Once you are viewing the account, you will notice slide button is next to each section of that account, simply slide the button to green for Contacts and the contacts for that account no longer be available on your iPhone. Here you can also delete the entire account if desired by using the option at the bottom.

Share your contacts within email

If you are sending emails but can’t see your contacts from the main Contacts App on your iPhone. You can simply set up your email accounts to share your iPhone contacts if desired. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts and then select the Add Account option.

2. Select the service that you have an account with or simply tap Other to set up a contacts account, such as an LDAP or CardDAV account. Apple will then prompt you to enter your password and login information to make the connection.

If you have been unwanted calls or messages you will be pleased to know that Apple has made it easy to block contacts. We have created a quick guide which will take you through the process of blocking contacts on your iPhone making sure you never have to receive any unwanted text messages or calls from them ever again. But don’t worry if you do need to unblock a contact it’s simply a process of reversing the process. For more information on managing contacts on your iPhone and other features jump over to the official Apple support site.

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