MetMo Driving force multitool raises over $2.5 million

Created by British designers the unique MetMo Driver multitool has raised over $2.5 million thanks to its crowdfunding campaigns and over 13,000 backers worldwide. The precision engineered multitool can be used for a wide variety of different applications and features a unique high torque driver. Offering twice the power of a standard power drill and is capable of creating a maximum torque of 76Nm gold 672 in lbs. Force 1000N (100kg) x distance from rotational axis 0.076m = 76Nm (672 in-lbs)

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the recently launched project from roughly $131 or £109 (depending on current exchange rates)offering a considerable discount of approximately 21% off the retail price, while the Indiegogo crowd funding is under way.

MetMo Driver multitool grip

“Not since the mid 20th Century have we seen a design like MetMo Driver. A piece of engineering history re-imagined for the modern day. MetMo Driver is both a fidget toy and tool, keeping you satisfied for hours on end either fiddling with it or using it to drive to the center of the Earth.

The MetMo Driver is a hybrid of the hand braces of old (the pre-cursors to electric drills) and modern ratchet screwdrivers. Made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or just play around. MetMo Driver is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with!”

MetMo Driver multitool features

MetMo Driver multitool

– Weight: 320g
– Size: 165 (6.5″)mm x 30mm(1.18″) x 43mm(1.70″)
– Finish: Heat treated stainless steel, hard anodized (clear or black)
– Maximum Torque: 76Nm (672 in-lbs) We can probably go higher than this*
– Materials: Hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel grade 440, hardened tool steel, Hard anodized aluminium, Brass, Plate stainless steel and class 10.9 bolts.
– Bit Size: 1/4 (6.3mm) Hex drive bits
– Magnetic Socket: Yes

If the MetMo Driver campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around March 2023. To learn more about the MetMo Driver multitool project view the promotional video below.

“We set out to infuse our signature MetMo satisfaction with one of the most well used tools in existence, the humble screwdriver. We were fascinated by Conrad Baumann’s ratchet driver from the 1950’s and its mesmerizing exposed ratchet mechanism, so we set to work to create the most powerful and compact driver in existence and, while we’re at it, inject some MetMo satisfaction at every opportunity. ”

MetMo Driver multitool in use

“MetMo Driver is a tool you won’t want to hide away in your tool box! Designed to be fiddled with, each rotation and click has been meticulously crafted to give you maximum satisfaction, even just sat at your desk.”

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and technical specifications for the multitool, jump over to the official MetMo Driver crowd funding campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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