Purple Hood’s New Device Will pay Off a Wayne Circle of relatives Adventures Easter Egg

Contains spoilers for Red Hood: Outlaws Episode 4 – The Temple of Fwoom!

DC’s Red Hood is part of the Bat-Family, and Batman: Wayne Family Adventures proves he’s really enjoying the benefits. Red Hood: Outlaws Episode 4 – The Temple of Fwoom reveals an Easter egg of another WEBTOON series starring Jason Todd. Batman’s gadgets are proving to be handy in the titular misfit’s latest adventure, even if he didn’t exactly get them the right way.

DC and WEBTOON have partnered up to release several new series starring assorted DC heroes and villains. These have included Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Vixen: NYC, Zatanna & the Ripper, and Red Hood: Outlaws. The series have taken new approaches to telling familiar characters stories, with Vixen even having some aspects of her origin story rewritten. These new stories have broadened DC’s comic reach and while each seems to exist in its own universe, there are hints they’re connected.


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Red Hood: Outlaws Episode 4 has the creative team of Patrick R. Young, Nico Bascuñán, Javier Rodríguez Véjares, Sebastián Franchini, and Lorenzo Di Santo. Within this episode, Red Hood, Bizarro, and Artemis are on their first outing together within the series and are trying to retrieve an idol. To secure the item, Red Hood uses a grappling gun which doesn’t actually belong to him. In Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Episode 4 – AlertJason is revealed to be raiding Batman’s safe houses, and he’s seen eyeing this particular gadget.

From the creative team of StarBite, CRC Payne, Kielamel Sibal, Lan Ma, and CM Cameron, this episode shows that Jason prefers to steal gear from his mentor than accept it as a readily given gift. Now, it’s a good thing he has that gear handy as the grappling gun he uses in Red Hood: Outlaws is said to have been “borrowed from a friend.” In the Wayne Family Adventure WEBTOON episode, Jason is shown to be stealing Batman’s gear rather than simply asking for it, stressing his roguish place as the Bat-Family’s black sheep. Outlaws shows that despite being caught, Jason Todd isn’t done raiding his mentor.

While each WEBTOON series appears to exist in its own continuity, that was originally the case for DC’s main universe until Easter Eggs and crossovers began to become standard. Tea Red Hood: Outlaws team have stated they’re borrowing from multiple continuities in the series, but keeping the Jason Todd of this series loosely connected to Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is an obvious way for each to support the other, especially when references are used for funny payoffs like this one. Hopefully, Red Hood: Outlaws will maintain or even strengthen its links to Batman: Wayne Family Adventuresas the series’ eager fanbase would no doubt welcome a casual DC WEBTOON-iverse built on in-jokes like this.

Red Hood: Outlaws Episode 4 – The Temple of Fwoom! is available to read now from DC and WEBTOON.

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