samsung: Samsung Jet 90 Entire vacuum cleaner overview: Makes a blank sweep

Samsung has a history of creating some good-looking devices – be it smartphones, smart TVs or vacuum cleaners. The all-new Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner will impress you with its simple design and color scheme. As compared to the other cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market, the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is quite sleek and light in weight. The major portion of the vacuum cleaner is made of plastic. The comfortable to hold handle of the vacuum cleaner houses the on/off button. Along with the easy-to-reach power button, you will also find two additional buttons which can be used to adjust its suction speed. Samsung Jet 90 Complete weighs 2.8kg which is quite less than some of the vacuum cleaners available in the market. The top portion of the vacuum cleaner also houses simple and small LEDs which illuminate to indicate the speed of the vacuum cleaner. The back of the cordless vacuum cleaner consists of the battery along with the three solid LEDs which keep you informed about the battery level while you are on a cleaning spree.

You will find the 0.8 liter dustbin of the Samsung Jet 90 Complete just below the handle. The dustbin is quite large in size and consists of nine cyclone chambers that help in maximizing the suction power while cleaning the house. Samsung Jet 90 Complete offers a five-step suction process and it promises to remove ultra-fine dust particles. The dustbin is easy to remove and adjust back. You can also wash the micro filter inside the dustbin to clean it completely. However, Samsung claims that the motor and cyclones are designed to keep the dust away from accumulating on the filters but after multiple cleaning cycles, we would recommend you to wash the filter once.

Samsung Jet 90 Complete comes with multiple attachments which will help you in different cleaning scenarios. There’s a Turbo Action Brush which can be used for multipurpose cleaning. You can clean your floors and carpets using this brush. It has soft bristles and it easily removes the dirt and hairs lying on the floor of your house. You also get a Soft Action Brush with the vacuum cleaner which is designed for hardwood floors and tiles. Both the brushes are easy to use and easy to clean.

Along with these, Samsung has also included a mini motorized tool which can be of great help when you are cleaning your furniture. Whereas the Crevice and Combination tools let you clean the hard-to-reach corners with ease. The swivel attachments make it convenient to clean the higher areas of your house.

Another interesting thing about the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is its resting station. Unlike the other cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market, you will not have to mount the Samsung Jet 90 on a well. The company is giving a stand along with the vacuum cleaner which holds it in place and can also charge it at the same time.

To sum it up, Samsung Jet 90 Complete does look pretty and is also light in weight.


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