Smartphones in earthquakes: Apps and devices that you just will have to have in case of an emergency

If it seems that we cannot separate ourselves from something today, that something would undoubtedly be our smartphones, devices that are functional to give us hours of recreation, but that are also especially important in emergencies such as earthquakes.

This Monday afternoon, Mexico City and other entities of the Mexican Republic experienced the ravages of a new seismic movement originating on the coast of Michoacán that arrived with an intensity of 7.4 on the Richter scale.

Earthquakes of September 19, what is the probability that it will happen again? Mexican scientists explain

Fortunately, the event was nothing more than a scare for the population in general; however, it is one more reminder of how important it is to remain alert and prepared to receive these natural phenomena that are unpredictable and that have proven to be especially catastrophic on more than one occasion.

Among the recommendations of the organizations specialized in the prevention and control of natural disasters, one that speaks of always having an emergency backpack at hand, in which some basic survival elements such as flashlights, first aid items, water and important personal documents, for example , that allow us to face a risk scenario at a given time.

In addition to having this important assistant at hand, it never hurts to enable certain services and apps on our smartphone to turn our smartphone into an ally in complex situations such as an earthquake.

Right now, there are certain platforms that can be very useful when, for example, conventional communication lines become saturated or to keep us informed whenever telecommunication services are intermittent.

Smartphones in earthquakes: Basics to be always ready

To this must be added some complementary gadgets that can be very useful at times when we can be so vulnerable to a natural phenomenon such as earthquakes, about which we can know little before it occurs and whose dimensions are known once the disaster It’s done.

That is why we share 5 services, applications and gadgets that you should know and have to make your smartphones the best allies in the event of an accident.

In addition to the traditional earthquake detection apps that we all know, it is worth recognizing some that will help us once the event is over:


An app created by Mexicans that offers a service similar to WhatsApp or Telegram with the big difference that it is capable of operating offline. This means that it uses the Bluetooth functions of smartphones to create direct device-to-device communication networks in a range of up to 100 meters. Available on iOS and Android.


History has shown that in the event of earthquakes or any other natural phenomenon, there is no better way to anticipate how to act than to be informed. Radio is still a very medium for this purpose and useful with TuneIn it is possible to access more than 100,000 radio stations, with preference for the user’s geographical location, to always be up to date, even if we do not have an Internet connection.

Technology is always an ally in emergencies such as earthquakes

google drive

In an emergency it is necessary to have all those essential personal documents at hand and that in case of having to leave home in a hurry we cannot take them out of the drawer. Our smartphones can become a perfect digital file for such documentation thanks to Google Drive. Once scanned, they can be stored with the option to be shared with certain contacts, which will save us major headaches.

power bankk

A long-lasting power bank is essential both to always carry in our everyday bag and to include in our safety backpack. This will guarantee that even if we do not have access to electricity, our smartphones are always available to be those allies of communication and sources of information.

wired headphones

It is true that hearing aids without a cable have become a great ally for our day, offering unsurpassed comfort and battery performance. However, we must remember that their batteries will always come to an end and that in extreme emergency conditions we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the speakers of our smartohones or their connection functions via Bluetooth. Having a couple of these basics will always be important.

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