Streamcom vertical open PC chassis case from €139

Streamcom has launched a new open PC chassis this week in the form of the DA6 featuring a vertical frame open SFF case building on the company’s expertise in vertical oriented cases it was first launched back in 2019 with the iconic DB4. The latest DA6 PC open chassis provides just under 20 L of volume with no upper limit. With metrics including the open space of the feet and handles, with an actual body volume of only just under 16 L and the DA6 and DA6 XL will be available in Chrome.

The DA6 open chassis PC case will be available to purchase sometime around late July 2022 and will be priced at €139 or €149 for the XL version.

“In case it wasn’t plainly obvious, the design is focused around tubularity, the main structure is formed from 19mm stainless steel tubes, creating an unbroken wrap around frame that defines the body, feet and handles. The usage of tubes or rods continues to the motherboard posts and extends to the universal brackets that comprehend of cylindrical mounts and even smaller rods that form the bracket. This creates a cohesive design and marks the first time we have used a material other than aluminum as the primary focal point of the case, namely … stainless steel.”

Open PC chassis

“Beyond simply a style choice, the tubes play an integral part in not only the structure but functionality, serving as support surfaces for fitting components when combined with the universal brackets. Multi functionality extends to the motherboard post that also supports the GPU riser card. This focus on optimization reduces complexity and clutter, creating this minimalist design without sacrificing any functionality. Being an open frame, the selection of every part and material was critical since nothing is hidden. Virtually every component is custom made, using 304 stainless steel or machined/anodised 6063 aluminium. The DA6 is a celebration of premium materials and finishes which is why we think it works so well as an open frame.”

“If there is one thing you can be sure of it’s cooling. The open frame design not only allows for unrestricted airflow but combined with the ability to utilize 4 sides for mounting, gives unrivaled cooling potential. Each side has a tube to tube aperture of 150 mm (166 without the brackets) ideal for 140 mm fans (or smaller) to be mounted between them. Whilst the DA6 was designed primarily for use with air cooling (even passive cooling), it can just as easily support water cooling hardware to create some truly spectacular builds. We can only imagine what some creative custom loop builds would look like in this….. tubing is going to feel right at home in the DA6.”

Source: TPU: Streamcom

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