The 5 Maximum Helpful Alexa-Appropriate Units You Can Purchase

BroadLink RM4 Mini Smart Remote

Once we have a whole smart ecosystem in our house, it is normal to start buying devices that are compatible with Alexa. However, it is absurd to replace devices that work correctly but are not intelligent.

The BroadLink RM4 is the perfect device for this transition period. It is remote control that you can place in your living room or in your bedroom to control devices with your voice. The BroadLink is nothing more than a universal remote that is associated with Alexa. Thanks to it, we will be able to turn on a fan, a radiator, the air conditioner or even control an old TV with voice commands. its price is enough affordable and it offers compatibility with practically any device, because in the worst case, you will be able to clone the frequencies of the original remote that you already have at home.

Amazon SmartPlug

What we have talked about in the previous point is fine, but… what happens if my device does not have a remote control? Is there a way to control it with Alexa? Well yes, there is.

The Amazon smart plug is a very simple device. Simply controls the flow of electric current. In this way, you can associate it with Alexa with a name and turn your devices on and off using voice commands.

Usmart Smart Power Strip

alexa smart power strip.jpg

If the smart plug is going to fall short, you should know that there are also smart power strips. This Usmart model has three sockets that can be controlled independently with Alexa, as well as three USB ports.

Netro Smart Sprinkler

smart sprinkler.jpg

The good thing about home automation is that it makes our lives easier. If you live surrounded by plants or have a house in the country and you are desperate to have to move to go to to wateryou will be happy to know that you no longer have to invest thousands and thousands of euros in automatic irrigation systems.

Netro’s smart sprinkler can be configured in many different ways, and you can turn on and off with Alexa. The system itself will know if it has to open the water or not depending on the humidity and statistics. Well configured, you can even use it in your own backyard.

Echo Buds v2

If you’ve gotten used to always having Alexa nearby, Echo Buds second generation from Amazon are one of the most interesting headphones you can buy right now. They have native integration of the virtual assistant, at the same time that they do not give up the sound quality and noise cancellation.

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