The best way to make your iPad quicker

If your iPad feels slower than it used to and you want to try and speed it up and make it faster, this guide shows you a range of tips that you can use to speed up your iPad.

There is a range of different things that you can try which may help to speed up your iPad and make it faster for everyday use. Some of the tips may work better than others, the more you use them together, the more benefit you may see in terms of improving the speed of your device.

Update your iPad to the latest version

The first thing that you should do when you are looking to speed up your iPad is to make sure you are running the latest version of Apple’s iOS.

You can check this by going to Settings > General > Software update on your device, you will then be shown if any updates are available on your iPad. If an update is available, download and install it on your device.

The update can be installed by going to Settings > General > Software update and then selecting Download and install. Once this is done it may help speed up your device.

Delete unused apps on your iPad

Another way that you may be able to make your iPad faster is by selecting unused apps on the device. Many of us have installed apps that we no longer use or that we have just used once or twice. If you are not using these apps then it may be a good idea to delete them.

To delete an app completely from your iPad, press the app until all the apps on your iPad display start to jiggle, once this happens click the minus in the top left corner and then select Delete App and then select Delete, and the app will be removed from your device completely.

You can do this with any apps on your iPad that you no longer use and it will also free up some storage space on your iPad.

Close down all running apps and restart your iPad

A good way to speed up your iPad is to restart the device, if you updated it to the latest software above then you do not need to do this. Before you restart your iPad it is a good idea to close any apps that are running in the background, the way this is done depends on what iPad you have.

If your iPad has a Home Button, double click this and then all of the open apps will appear, now swipe up on these apps and they will be shut down. You can now restart your iPad.

If your iPad does not have a Home Button then you need to swipe up from the bottom of the iPad until all of the open apps appear, then swipe up on the app and it will be closed. Do this for all of the running apps and then restart your iPad.

Some people say that shutting the apps on your iPad down does nothing, although it is worth a try to see if this can help you speed up your iPad.

Clear your cache and cookies in Safari

One way that you can speed up your web browsing on your iPad is to clear the cookies and cache in Safari, this deletes all the files and cookies from any website you have visited.

This can be done on your iPad by going to Settings > Safari and then Clear History and Website Datathen selecting Clear. This is a great way of clearing everything out from your web browser and starting again, when you have done this you will need to login to any websites that you use again.

Turn off Background App Refresh and more

Another thing that can be done to make your iPad faster is to turn off Background App Refresh, this stops apps from refreshing in the background and using up resources. This can be done for all apps or for individual apps that you do not need the feature for.

To do this go to Settings > General > BackGround app Refresh and then turn it offif you want it off for all apps, or select the individual apps.

Another thing that may be slowing your device down is Notifications, I only have notifications on for the most important apps on my device, the rest I make sure are turned off.

To choose which notifications you want to turn off go to Settings > Notifications and then select which apps you want to turn the notifications off for. You can find out some details about how to speed up your iPad over at Apple’s website.

We hope that this guide and tips will help you speed up your iPad and make it faster, some of these tips may work better than others. If you use them all together then they may be able to speed up your device. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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