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“To say we loved the Himiway Big Dog is an understatement. Because of its adaptability and cargo load possibilities, it’s by far the smoothest electric cargo bike we’ve tried in terms of direct car swaps, ferrying about child and accompanying equipment, shopping, and even both at the same time.”

Don’t get us wrong: An electric bike is already more effective than a standard bike at carrying weight, but the Himiway Big Dog takes it a step further. It enhances the number of goods you can carry, improves stability, and makes carrying your belongings on your bicycle that much simpler.

Where an electric cargo bike truly excels is in its ability to carry a lot more items with you while riding. It’s adaptable, handy, and precisely what you need for school runs, weekend adventures, and supermarket shopping, to mention a few! And this fat tire electric bike has all of these qualities. Let’s find out how!


What defines Himiway Big Dog from a conventional bicycle is its motor. The motor of the Himiway cargo electric bike provides both power and value. With its strong 750W gear motor and modified inner ring, this e-bike is considered a luxury version of the Escape.

One of the primary reasons for switching is its power and efficiency. As a result, whether you use it to travel to work, ride tough terrain, or climb hills, it allows you to do it with ease.

Furthermore, because the motor is one of the costliest components of any electric bike, it should deliver good value for money in an Ebike. So you don’t want to blow your cash on a motor that doesn’t even perform the job. That is what distinguishes Himiway Big Dog.


This ebike combines the latest 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity—smaller but more diverse in performance. The wonderful thing about the Himiway cargo electric bike is that it has a long-range (about 80 miles) before the battery dies.

So, the frequency with which you must charge your fat tire electric bike is mostly determined by how you use it, as well as the size of the battery. Despite all of these variables, you may fast charge its battery.


Big Dog may appear pricey when compared to traditional bicycles, deterring many potential customers. It is vital to note, however, that the amount is merely a one-time, upfront payment.

Himiway Big Dog E-bike ends up being much cheaper long-term. As previously said, riding an electric bike to work saves you a large amount of money on petrol. If you don’t drive your car too much, you’ll save money on maintenance. It is also less expensive than public transportation choices such as buses and trains.

So far, I’ve just addressed the obvious cost-cutting measures. From a medical standpoint, there are health advantages linked with Big Dog, such as exercise. These extra benefits protect you from illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle, such as cardiovascular disease.


It weighs more than standard E-bikes. It is thicker and more durable than many competitors’ frames. The additional weight is due to components such as the battery, motor, and reinforced structure.

The extra pounds, though, are not the reason for concern. Its engineering compensates for the weight with smart innovations that make you feel as though the extra pounds have vanished when you start pedaling. In addition, technologies such as the pedal-assist or motor handle the majority of the hard lifting, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride.

6061 Aluminum Frame Upgrade and Fully Integrated Battery Design Himiway’s frame is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum, giving the bike unrivaled durability. Their weight may become a concern only during transportation. It will require more work to carry your electric bike up and down the stairs than a standard E-bike.


When it comes to bikes, the Himiway Big Dog is one of the most durable and sturdy alternatives available. The ebike gives you a smooth ride while keeping you safe on the road. Its 20′′ x 4′′ wide tires improve balance, promote comfort and stability, and are quick on many terrains. Even though the bike is larger than a standard bike, it is still simple to ride. Hydraulic disc brakes with four pistons and extremely thick pads provide quick, safe, and strong stopping capability.


But what if you require *additional* storage space? Himiway Big Dog has your back.

Himiway Big Dog comes with a lockable storage box that may safely transport or store a variety of objects such as groceries, a laptop, an auxiliary battery, and more! And if it rains, no worries. Big Dog’s storage container is entirely waterproof.


Make preparations to have a fantastic riding experience. Even while carrying a large load, Himiway Big Dog makes it simple to maintain a constant tempo without tiring your legs. Big Dog, for example, features a Sync Drive Pro motor that provides an extra kick to keep your bike going. And don’t worry about Big Dog being more difficult to ride than a standard E-bike; it boasts a Shimano 14-28T rear hub for seamless shifting.


“Himiway Big Dog bike is ideal for doing errands, transporting gear on your adventure, transporting your dog on your bike, or just sending your children to school.”

Himiway Big Dog is an absolute must-have. When you combine a Big Dog’s adaptability, eco-friendliness, and health advantages with the extra benefit of being able to effortlessly bring a load along for the journey, you will discover that Himiway Big Dog is exactly what you need! Himiway Bigdog

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