The Global’s twentieth Kitchen Device Launched by way of TP2 Merchandise


TheEggDropper is the Safer, Easier and Better way to Boil eggs.

The Safer, Easier and Better Way to Boil Eggs

TheEggDropper will be the best product you’ll ever use to boil eggs and you’ll boil more eggs because of it.”

—Trevor Hewes

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, July 21, 2022 / — After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, TP2 Products, LLC has released for sale a product that makes the process of boiling eggs SAFER, EASIER and BETTER than previous methods used . This more environmentally friendly, BPA free, food safe product is also easily cleaned and stored. The company has trademarked the product as TheEggDropper.

Both a Utility and Design patent pending device, TheEggDropper is made from Kitchen grade silicone rubber. TheEggDropper assists in the safer cooking of up to six hard/soft boiled eggs for the ultimate cooking consistency and convenience. The product is intuitive in its use and is easier to handle than traditional tools for a better cooking experience and reduced clean-up. The inventors also claim that cracked or broken eggs are virtually eliminated.

Since over 80% of world’s households boil eggs in water, new converts are amazed that a product like TheEggDropper wasn’t invented before now. Restaurant Chefs, Home Chefs and Influencers value the concept of TheEggDropper’s simplicity, ease of use and effectiveness in the kitchen. Gone are the days of dropping individual eggs or transporting a pot of boiling water to cool the eggs, either, under a faucet of running water or dumping the entire contents into a bath of ice. TheEggDropper transcends all methods of the egg boiling process.

Grandparents and grandchildren can safely work together because TheEggDropper will make the cooking task so much more comfortable and easy. Moreover, athletic and health conscious individuals and families are able to easily process and store a weeks supply of hard boiled eggs for a quick breakfast or anytime snack. Because of TheEggDropper’s safe and easy handling, persons with disabilities have found TheEggDropper indispensable for boiling eggs.

If you are using a traditional cooking pot or an Instant Pot, TheEggDropper is a perfect complement to your kitchen arsenal. The company’s founder, Trevor Hewes, says, “TheEggDropper will be the best product you’ll ever use to boil eggs and you’ll boil more eggs because of it.”

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About the Company: TP2 Products is a company geared toward providing inventive products to the marketplace that have practical applications for the consumer and driven to provide value in addition to giving back to the community.

Tom Ciesielka
TP2 Products, LLC
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