The Xiaomi machine that can prevent at the street: very reasonable!

Imagine driving your car and you run into an object that ends up deflating your tire. The same applies to your bicycle or any other means of transport that has a wheel as a flag. In that case, Xiaomi has a very useful invention that does not take up any space and is worth little money, and it will save you from more than one hurry! We are sure of it.

We refer to one of the best-selling gadgets among vehicle accessories (cars, motorcycles, bicycles…):Xiaomi portable air pump! It is indeed one of the best inventions that the Chinese brand has pulled out of its sleeve, among so many other gadgets in the Xiaomi catalog, as you can see in that link.

Never get left behind: the most necessary Xiaomi gadget

We could even say that he is small but a killer. And it is that it does not take up any space, and it does not weigh too much either. It is ideal to put it in the trunk of your car, in a small compartment of your motorcycle or in the backpack while you go with the bicycle. Hence its name: Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor.

As we have told you, it is highly portable. Its weight is only 480 grams, practically portable even in a pocket, little more than a mobile! It uses a fully digitally controlled air pressure sensor to improve inflation accuracy, checking the level of inflation as you do so. It’s very intuitive. easy to use and rechargeable (via USB Type-C).

Simply use a drums (you will have to recharge it every time its power reaches the limit) and from a small compressor it will produce air. It can emit up to 45% airflow and up to 114%. But, let’s go to reality, what does that translate into?

Mainly in that you can inflate up to two tires of a car. And that’s a lot! On the other hand, imagine if he is able to pump up a car tire, what he is capable of doing with a bicycle. The same happens with other vehicles such as the tire of a motorcycle or any other vehicle. In addition, you will be able to see the pressure level and the remaining battery at all times through its screen. It is LCD, very visible and intuitive. It doesn’t have any extra controls other than a couple of buttons.

incorporates different tire pressures established depending on the type of vehicle or bicycle that you are going to inflate, so you will not have to worry about the least. Once it has reached that pressure, it will stop automatically. Remember the necessary pressure values ​​at all times.

And now on sale on Amazon!

Don’t ever think of staying on the road again with this Xiaomi pump, because its price is very cheap. The number one best-selling gadget on Amazon is priced at just 44.99 euros on offer.

we leave you your purchase link below, so you don’t make the same mistake again. Take advantage for a limited time!

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