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New technologies adapt to all kinds of protagonists. A simple accessory can radically change the way you do something as basic as listening to television. There are certain devices, as we will see in the selection of models, that help to listen to the audio, amplifying the signal and wirelessly. Therefore, as you will see, in addition to being useful, they are very comfortable.

We, from Topes de Gama, want to contribute our little grain of sand and show a series of the most useful products. But, first, we would like to briefly guide you with a small list of contents that you will find depending on the type of functional diversity that you suffer from.

  • Gadgets for physical disabilities. In this section you will find really striking and useful objects that cover a wide spectrum. From supports for the mobile with which you will not need to hold it with your hands, to watches that warn you of falling, with help buttons. The goal is always the same: to make life as easy as possible.
  • Other technological objects for visual disabilities. When we talk about this type of disability, it can mean a total or partial loss of vision. In either case, it is possible to find solutions that alleviate the main problems related to sight. For example, screen readers, magnification through smart magnifying glasses, even options as innovative as software included in cameras or glasses. In either case, we’ll add a selection of a few really useful items.
  • We also find aids for hearing disabilities, Although it does not mean that anyone who suffers from it is directly deaf, we find some options to be able to do something as basic as listening to television, in addition to watching it. Not only for television, but for any other device that emits an audio signal. What it does is amplify the signal and noise without the need for headphones.

So, given this brief introduction, it is time to move on to the selection of these articles in the aforementioned categories.

Gadgets for physical disabilities

In the first place, we have prepared a selection of what we consider to be a series of essential gadgets for all those people with functional diversity related to their physical condition. In this way, you will find some electronic objects that will make your day-to-day life easier for you. Here are some of the most useful:

mobile bracket

Tea reduced mobility in the hands it can be an impediment to use a mobile or small tablet. As you know, today it is possible to operate a mobile phone through voice commands, so it does not necessarily imply having to hold the mobile.

You will simply have to anchor this mount to the edge of a table, and through the flexible arm, direct the position of the mobile to where you are. Being completely flexible you will have a freedom of movement that will be very useful to increase your comfort.

The mobile is attached to the arm through a clip, which is capable of supporting phones from 4 to 7.2 inches. In fact, it is compatible with the latest iPhone 13 Pro models, for example, which is one of the largest terminals. The retractable clamp is strong enough, as well as the arm, so that it does not fall off at the first change. The ball joint rotates 360 degrees.

It is also very useful to be able to sit down without using the mobile and watch a movie or a series comfortably. It is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy. The price of this mobile support is about 19 euros on Amazon. This is your purchase link:

Smartwatch with fall sensor, SOS button and locator

In the event that you cannot move or want to put it on someone with reduced mobility and there is a danger that they will need help, a watch may be the solution. East SaveFamily Senior is the most useful for various uses, which we will tell you about below.

The first of them is to have the person always located. It has instant location via GPS. So, where the wrist and the watch are, you will find the location. It also has fall warning. In the event that you fall to the ground, it will generate a telephone alert to the emergency telephone number or to whoever you want, being always connected.

Smartwatch SaveSenior

Not only that, but also fully monitor your health at all times. Reports issues such as blood pressure, blood oxygen and fall warning. If you have to take any medication, you can also set periodic alerts. An important detail is that it has IP65 water resistance, for small splashes.

Speaking of its price, it is not excessive: about 99 euros for always being connected in case of any mishap or unforeseen event.

Height adjustable table with motor

Absolute comfort with this table that includes a motor to adjust the height to taste. It features a heavy steel frame that is capable of support up to 125kg weight in total. Its installation is very easy, with only 16 screws. But the interesting thing comes when it comes to using it.

height adjustable table

And it is that the motor allows it to be raised and lowered to suit the user. moves vertically with a height range between 69 and 115 cm. It is also adjustable in width, between 107.5 cm and 180 cm. To do this, it equips a small control with an up and down button, as well as up to 4 different positions that you can save. You simply have to press the number you want and the configuration will be set automatically. All through a small LED screen.

You may buy it in different colors to your liking. We leave you the purchase link to Amazon, where it has a price of about 400 euros. Its reviews highlight the good usability it offers.

Gadgets for visual impairments

In the second instance, we present a section for gadgets related to those visual disabilities. They will make your day-to-day work easier in actions as simple as looking for the keys or having a keyboard that makes your vision easier. In that case pay attention to these gadgets:

Multicolored key finder

The keys, being something so small and difficult to distinguish, can be a problem for those who do not see correctly. You have an easy solution with this search engine. multicolored keys by Retekess. Without the need to install any type of application or anything like that, you will simply have to look for the color coded buttonsand the key you are looking for will beep.

Its beep is nothing more and nothing less than 85 dB, which is a considerable beep, so it will be easy for you to find it in your house. In this way, you have 6 different keys, with a small hook to use as a keyring. Everything is handled through a remote, which includes the different colors of the keys: A, B, C, D, E and F are the options.

key finder

To do this, it uses radiofrequency technology that penetrates through walls, floors and other parts of the house, so if it is 40 meters away, it will beep. It only uses long-lasting batteries for its operation. It can even be used as a pet tracker. It is priced at 26 euros on Amazon.

talking table clock

Given the possibility that you do not distinguish well the hands of a clock or even the numbers in a digital clock, this model that we present to you has a voice and reads the time directly to you just by pressing a button. As you can see in the product image, it has a fairly large blue button. Pressing it will tell you the time! all in spanish.

Talkjoy table clock

The audio output volume is adjustable in two different levels. When you touch it, a female voice will tell you the time, as well as the alarms that you are going to program. The price of this alarm clock is about 22 euros on Amazon.

In the case of not seeing correctly the keyboards when typing, there are very solvent solutions like the one we present here. This keyboard has 104 very, very large keys. It is designed for those people who do not see the standard keyboards. It doesn’t hurt your eyes because you don’t have to strain your eyes to see the keys correctly.


In addition, its operation is very simple, being plug and play. Through the USB cable it will have to be connected to the computer. For the rest, it is made of ABS material, wear-resistant and durable. It also has numeric Numpad. The price of this keyboard is about 25 euros on Amazon.

Keyboard for the blind

A second keyboard with a fairly large key layout, and with colors. Being colored in reds, blues, purples and yellows, it helps to recognize numbers, consonants and vowels according to their arrangement. It is really useful and simple. Its connection is via USB. The fixed price is about 40 euros.

blind keyboard

Digital magnifying glass: one of the most desired gadgets

Finally, one of the most useful tools you can find, a fully portable digital magnifier. It serves to help electronic reading, with a zoom from 4X to 32X, so you can see every detail and read if your eyesight does not allow it. The handle is completely foldable to redirect it in the position you want, and it hardly weighs, so it is very comfortable to use.


Otherwise, all content is mirrored via a 5-inch HD resolution LCD screen. It has 17 color modes and 5 brightness levels, allowing you to meet all needs. It is also valid for color blindness, low vision and amblyopia.

It even has memory functions, saving user habits. the price of this magnifying glass with which you will change your way of reading is about 160 euros.

Gadgets for people with hearing impairments

Finally, a series of resources for all those people who do not listen correctly.

Sennheiser RS ​​2000 wireless TV headphones: one of the best gadgets

These headphones have a superior sound quality. They are connected to the sound input of your television and amplify and reverberate the signal in an exceptional way. Allows freedom of movement up to 50 meters or 150 feet. It has 9 hours of continuous playback.

Sennheiser RS2000

Among its options it has balance control and quick and easy configuration. Offered to crystal clear sound, with intuitive controls. serves for alleviate the effects of hearing loss, with high output sensitivity. Its price is about 125 euros.

Sennheiser Flex 500: wireless receiver

This model is a somewhat more professional version than the previous one, also of the Sennheiser brand. The Flex 500 allows you to enjoy even greater sound amplification, guaranteeing hours and hours of comfort. It includes a pack of ultralight headphones that connect to the control, and the same, to the television.

Seneheiser Flex 500

It even has a unique speech intelligibility feature. to facilitate understanding. It is completely wireless and costs just under 200 euros.

The best gadget for us

We know that choosing a gadget to help you in your day to day is not a not a simple question, far from it. The thing is, they’re all useful in their own way. If we had to choose one of the ones we have seen, we could especially recommend the smartwatch.

Valid for all types of people with functional diversity, whatever type they suffer from. They will be able to receive immediate help and be located in case something happens. In addition, its price is not exorbitant, even below 100 euros.

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