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Robotics development and deployment can be a very time-consuming process, to help ease the process the engineers at UP Bridge the Gap have created two new robot developer kits thanks to a partnership with Intel. The two new robotic development kits are powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris Xe graphics and the latest Intel Atom x6000E Series processors providing a combination of performance and power efficiency.

Designed to provide developers with the complete package the robotics development kits come supplied with a computing and vision unit, a motion unit consisting of motor control board, motors and wheels together with the Intel Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots (Intel EI for AMR) to enable software and hardware integration. “Every component works seamlessly together to reduce evaluation and development time” say it is creators. The Robotic Development Kits deliver a pre-validated AMR platform to accelerate deployment of ROS-2 based AMR applications.

Robot development kit

“We developed a complete solution so customers do not have to start from scratch,” said Daniele Cleri, AI and IoT Senior Software Architect at AAEON Europe. “The hardware and software are already integrated within the kit to allow a seamless start for the developers. Customers can have a working robot to start from with the basic functionalities already implemented. Then, they can easily customize the robot to their specific use case and start deploying it right away.”

“Developers can choose between two compute units to power the robotic development kit: UP Xtreme i11 or UP Squared 6000. For high-performance and artificial intelligence applications, developers can choose the UP Xtreme i11 Robotic Development Kit, powered by the 11th Generation Intel Core processors with Iris Xe graphics. For impressive power efficiency and extended battery power, developers can choose the UP Squared 6000 Robotic Development Kit, powered by the latest Intel Atom x6000E Series processors. “

“The Intel RealSense depth camera D435i has an inertial measurement unit (IMU) inside, which opens the door for rudimentary SLAM and tracking applications, allowing for better point-cloud alignment. The IMU allows applications to refine location awareness in any situation where the robot moves.”

For more information on the new UP Bridge the Gap robot development kits jump over to the official product pages by following the link below where full specifications and ordering details are available.

Source: UP Bridge the Gap

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