Why Bond’s LEGO Pace ​​Champions DB5 does not have units

Almost every Bond car has some tricks up its sleeve, but the LEGO Speed ​​Champions Aston Martin DB5 is function-free for a reason.

A Bond car without gadgets is like a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar without a weapon rack or a LEGO City without eleventy-three Police stations. But when the latest version of the agent’s most famous set of wheels, 76911 007 Aston Martin DB5, appeared in the Speed ​​Champions range, other than a selection of swappable number plates, it had no more trickery than the average pensioner’s Honda Jazz.

However, it wasn’t for the want of trying. In a recent interview with Brickset, Speed ​​Champions designer, Chris Stamp talked about the challenges of trying to cram Q Department’s optional extras into a model only eight studs wide. “I did consider including gadgets,” said Stamp, “but it was not possible without compromising the outward display value. The ejector seat, for example, would need to fit within the height of a single plate and I cannot imagine how that could be done.”

While a previous version the car – 10262 James Bond Aston Martin from the Creator Expert range – did include a number of functioning elements, for the Speed ​​Champions range, an accurate representation of the vehicle took priority. Stamp continued, “prioritizing the appearance of the DB5 was definitely the way to go for Speed ​​Champions. If there was a chance to include functions without affecting the exterior, then we would, but any gadgets found on the Aston Martin DB5 would be quite parts-intensive.”

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