Working out converting client habits in opposition to device manufacturers

The pandemic has brought in a considerable number of changes in consumer behavior leading to the emergence of gadget brands. So, how are these brands building salience among digital-savvy shoppers? At the Pitch Marketing 30 Under 30 summit organized by e4m on Monday, a panel of industry leaders discussed the importance of gadget brands and how they have a prominent place in today’s tech-savvy world.

While the discussion was moderated by Nitin Mathur, Co-Founder & COO, 91mobiles, the others on the panel were Nipun Marya, Chief Executive Officer, iQOO India; Sanjay Chitkara, Senior Vice President, LG Electronics, and Anuj Siddharth, Deputy Director – Marketing & Communication, MediaTek India.

Explaining the shift towards digital during the pandemic, Marya said, “We’ve seen different waves of the pandemic. Of course, there was a wave when people were really scared of going offline and therefore, they were gearing toward online. Now, especially in mobile phone buying behavior, I think more or less we are back to where we were pre-pandemic. I think people are still going to shops, but are buying online. So just like earlier as there was a healthy mix of online and offline, I think the same trend is more or less, continuing now as well.”

“People did not know how much they can really get out of their phones. Now they can see that mobile phone games certainly are going to another level, there is a rise in OTT. You are also seeing a change in people’s behavior. Some of the recent movie releases also indicate that. I think there are changes, less on the buying front and more on how entertainment behavior of people has changed,” Marya added.

Sanjay Chitkara spoke about endorsements and celebrity campaigns as some of the marketing strategies LG uses to stay connected with its customers.

Further in the discussion, Anuj Siddharth talked about the change in consumer behavior and how their demands have developed while choosing a tech product. “The omni-channel strategy is really important today. Consumers are becoming more and more aware. We have to tap them across strategies and create visibility and validation about the products they are using. It is becoming the need of the hour today for the end consumer to understand the phone or any other gadgets they are using and what kind of technology is holding them.”

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